Solidigm™ D7-P5520 & P5620

Performance tuned for the real world

The highest performing family of TLC 3D NAND SSDs, the Solidigm D7 NVMe P5520 & P5620 SSDs are optimized and designed for enterprise storage workloads and performance-tuned for the real world.

Read Intensive workloads

Solidigm D7-P5520 SSD
(as compared to D7-P5510 SSD)

4K Random Read

Up to 42% higher

4K Random Write

Up to 17% higher

Random Read (QDI)

Up to 43% better

Write Intensive workloads

Solidigm D7-P5620 SSD
(as compared to DC-P4610 SSD)

4K Random Read

Up to 56% higher

4K Random Write

Up to 53% higher

Random Read (QDI)

Up to 76% better

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: Up to 15.36 TB
  • Form Factor: U.2 15 mm
  • Interface: PCIe 4.0 x4 NVMe 1.4, NVMe-MI 1.1
  • Drive Manageability: NVMe-MI 1.1, PCIe over vendor-defined messages (VDM), PCIe over Management Component Transport Protocol (MCTP)
  • Media: Solidigm 144-L 3rd Generation 3D NAND
  • Performance: 4K random read/write up to 1.1M / 390K IOPS
  • Performance: 128K sequential read/write up to 7100/4200 MB/s
  • Endurance (DPWD, 5 years): Up to 3
  • Warranty: Five-year limited warranty
SSD DC P5620 U.2_979x699_00002

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P4610 whitepaper

Core i7



# of Cores:  6

# of Threads:  12

Processor Base Frequency:  3.20 GHz

Max Turbo Frequency:  4.60 GHz

Cache: 12 MB SmartCache

Processor Graphics:  Intel® UHD Graphics 630

Graphics Base Frequency:  350 MHz

Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency:  1.20 GHz

Graphics Video Max Memory:  64 GB

4K Support:  Yes, at 60Hz