Optimized capabilities for read-intensive workloads

Solidigm P5336 SSD

Amidst this dynamic landscape, modern data-intensive tasks spanning data pipelines, AI, ML, Big Data Analytics, CDN, scale-out NAS, object storage, and rapid retrieval of substantial data volumes. 

Introducing the Solidigm D5-P5336 SSD, meticulously engineered to meet these requirements, with optimised capabilities for read-intensive workloads, matching TLC-equivalent performance for both data-intensive operations and high-speed data retrival. 

Massive scalability for high-density storage environments

From data pipelines and data lakes to content delivery networks and cloud storage, if your application demands storing and accessing vast amounts of data efficiently at speed, the D5-P5336 has got your number. With up to 61.44TB capacity, you can store up to 2PB in a 1U chassis.

Significantly improve TCO across a broad range of configurations

The D5-P5336 offers substantial TCO savings of up to 61% and reduces energy costs by 6X compared to TLC SSD + HDD hybrid storage arrays.
Watch this space for a TCO calculator, coming soon!

Accelerate data in widely adopted, read/data-intensive workloads

Made to perform equally well in the heart of a data center or in an edge deployment, the D5-P5336 efficiently accelerates more data, in widely adopted, read/data-intensive workloads, delivering up to 2.3X faster read performance than some TLC SSDs and nearly 600X faster reads than leading SAS HDDs.

Value. Performance. Density. Pick three, deploying with confidence

Solidigm D5 Series drives are designed and tested with a passion for—and a relentless focus on—quality and reliability. Our data reliability is enhanced on multiple levels with additional circuitry for critical data integrity functions, as well as testing that goes above and beyond industry specifications and common practices.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: Up to 15.36 TB
  • Form Factor: E1. L
  • Interface: PCIe 4.0 x4, NVMe
  • Mean time between failures: 2 million hours
  • Lithography Type: 192L QLC 3D NAND
  • Random Read/Write up to 1005 KIOPS (4K, QD256) / 35 KIOPS (16K, QD256)
  • Sequential Read/Write up to 7000 MB/s / 3100 MB/s
  • Endurance Rating: 14.11 PBW (16K RW)
  • Warranty: Five-years

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P4610 whitepaper

Core i7



# of Cores:  6

# of Threads:  12

Processor Base Frequency:  3.20 GHz

Max Turbo Frequency:  4.60 GHz

Cache: 12 MB SmartCache

Processor Graphics:  Intel® UHD Graphics 630

Graphics Base Frequency:  350 MHz

Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency:  1.20 GHz

Graphics Video Max Memory:  64 GB

4K Support:  Yes, at 60Hz