Improve System Reliability and Flexibility.

Intel® SSD DC S4610

The reliability of the SSD D3-S4610 reduces the need for drive replacement that is necessary with HDDs. With a 4.2x lower annualized failure rate (AFR) compared to HDDs, IT departments will spend less time and expense replacing or upgrading storage devices. Equally important, once the SSDs are installed, the innovative SATA firmware completes updates without reset, reducing downtime.




Benefits to you and your Datacenter


* Compatible with existing SATA setups for an easy storage upgrade

* Up to 6x lower power1 and lower cooling requirements than 2.5- inch HDDs

* 3.2x more data in the same amount of space

* Up to 4.2x lower annualized failure rates (AFR) for fewer drive replacements

* Up to 300x more IOPS/TB than HDDs




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Intel D3-S4610 Range


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