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Solving Your Disrupted Supply Chain.


A Different Approach To The Challenges Of Your Supply Chain


For over 15 years, we have worked with the most innovative and trusted technology vendors to offer our customers the best solutions customized to their needs.

Inventory Management Solutions

Backed by our rich historical data, our flexible electronic component inventory management solutions help customers solve their inventory consignment needs.

Large Inventory

With a strong focus on enterprise customers engaging in key European markets. You can always count on us with your component demands.

Hard to source components

Our extensive custom supply chain model assists in solving component requirements for enterprises.

Close to manufacturing sources

Leverage our extensive partner ecosystem by allowing us to provide you with the best customized solutions for your needs.

Shortage mitigation

Addressing component shortages that may occur due to unexpected delays in supply chain disruptions.


True cost saving is not just about the lowest price. It is also about delivery times, quality, and the full customer experience. 

Lower your costs by leveraging our price match process while making key decisions on high-volume component purchases. Trust in a process that maintains the highest level of traceability, quality control, and reliability that cannot be matched by brokers and unfranchised “independent” distributors. 

Our Quality Control

Directly franchised distribution with many major electronics manufacturers

In-house and third-party inspection & quality control of received products

Environmentally conscious and protective packaging of goods

World-class logistics partners and couriers

Strong after-sales and RMA support

Our Product Group Offering

-CPU -HDD -SSD -DRAM -Flash Memory Cards -NAND Flash -Network Cards -RAID Controllers -GPU -Mezzanine Cards -Motherboards

-FGPA -MOSFETs -Diodes -Analogs -Capacitors -Inductors -Resistors

-Monitors -LEDs -Printers -Switches -Routers -Cables -Optical Transceivers -Mice -Keyboards -Sound Cards

-Server Chassis -Assembled Servers – Laptops -NUCs -Desktop PCs

Industries we serve

Original Equipment Manufacturing

Research and Development

Software as a Service



Distribution & Retail