Optimize your cloud solution with Intel's SSD DC P4600 Series.


Cloud Inspired. Caching optimized. Intel® SSD DC P4600

Pairing a new Intel developed controller, unique firmware innovations, and industry-leading 3D NAND density, the Intel® 3D NAND SSD Data Center P4600 Series delivers a design to support the data caching needs of cloud storage and software-defined infrastructures. The Intel® SSD DC P4600 Series is stacked with a combination of performance, capacity, manageability, and reliability to help data centers fast-track their business and meet the overall demands of their digital business


An SSD Optimized for Cloud Storage Architectures

The cloud continues to drive innovation, new services, and agility for businesses, which are seeing the need to deploy services faster, scale effectively, and remove the human costs of managing assets. Multi-cloud has become a core element for any enterprise strategy, with top cloud providers openly embracing PCIe*/NVMe*-based SSDs because of the scalable performance, low latency, and continued innovation.


Optimized for Caching Across a Range of Workloads

This cloud-inspired SSD is built with an entirely new NVMe controller that is optimized for mixed workloads commonly found in data caching and is architected to maximize CPU utilization.

With controller support for up to 128 queues, the DC P4600 helps minimize the risk of idle CPU cores and performs most effectively on Intel platforms with Intel® Xeon® processors. The queue pair-to-CPU core mapping supports high drive count and also supports multiple SSDs scaling on Intel platforms.

With the DC P4600, data centers can accelerate caching to enable more users, add more services, and perform more workloads per server. Now you can cache faster and respond faster





Benefits to you and your Datacenter


* An SSD optimized for cloud storage architectures

* Optimized for caching across a range of workloads

* Manageability to maximize IT efficiency

* Industry-leading reliability and security

* Designed for today’s modern data centers




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Intel DC P4600 Series


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