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Add Optane to boost your data center performance

This is Intel® Optane™ technology: an all-new premium class of memory that can change the ways we build and use computers.

Intel® Optane™ technology provides an unparalleled combination of high throughput, low latency, high quality of service, and high endurance. Optane™  brings new computer architectures that unleash unprecedented possibilities from data center to desktop.


This technology is a unique combination of 3D XPoint™ memory media, Intel Memory and Storage Controllers, Intel Interconnect IP and Intel® software. Together these building blocks deliver a revolutionary leap forward in decreasing latency and accelerating systems for workloads demanding large capacity and fast storage.


The optimal Data Center SSD solution

Data centers can explore two key use cases for the DC P4800X: fast storage or cache, or extended memory. Fast storage or cache refers to the tiering and layering which enable a better memory-to-storage hierarchy. The DC P4800X provides a new storage tier that breaks through the bottlenecks of traditional NAND storage to accelerate applications, and enable more work to get done per server.


The extended memory use case allows an Intel® Optane™ SSD to participate in a shared memory pool with DRAM at either the OS or application level enabling bigger memory or more affordable memory. Bigger memory dramatically increases the size of ‘working sets’ to enable new insights from data in growing segments such as scientific computing, healthcare and autonomous driving. More affordable memory means data centers can use Intel® Optane™ SSDs to displace some DRAM.

Intel Optane Memory Range




* High throughput for breakthrough performance

* Low latency for responsiveness under load

 * Predictably fast service for quality of service (QoS)

* Ultra high endurance for today’s data center

* Designed for today’s modern data centers




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